Short of scanning all my Lab books, I have put up One of my Most favourite Experiments.

I designed this experiment after observing a strange phenomena when one of my “beers” froze instantly.
In this FIRST DRAFT one should be able to understand the complexities of the beer instantly freezing.
Again this is my First Draft and is not intended for use, only to be viewed, there are plenty of errors in this work; do not use for real academic study. To attain a completed version please contact me.

The Beer is chilled to critical state around -4 C, because the beer is mostly water we can treat it as such. 0 C is the freezing point of water, this is wrong, 0 C is actually the melting point of ice, there are many factors that can prevent water from freezing. In our case the Beer is removed from a freezer and is at -4C. The bottle is then hit hard against a strong surface like concrete. This causes nucleation of the CO2 gas to form bubbles. This formation of a CO2 bubble aligns up the low energy water molecules allowing them to form ice crystals, once an ice crystal is formed it can expand exponentially to create more crystals and thus the beer freezes instantly

  Phase Transitions and Critical Phenomena in an Aqueous Fluid

  This is one of the bottles I used in my experiment I tried several different conditions such as opened bottles, bottles with steal wool, and bottles with sand.